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764 Hero
Sub Pop's 764-Hero site
Interview by Pandemonium Online
Interview by Snackcake!
Suicide Squeeze's 764-Hero site

Aisler's Set
Official Aisler's Set site

Alien Crime Syndicate
Intergalactic Hideout

Elephant 6's Beulah site
Album review by


Bracket Lyrics page by Punk Rock Lyrics on the Web
Three Gardens: the Official Bracket Homepage

Snackcake presents Win a Dream Date with Carlos

Creeper Lagoon
Official Creeper Lagoon site
Creeper Lagoon fan site
CitySearch interview
Metro Times review

Warner Bros. Crumb site
Unofficial Crumb site
Interview with Robby Cronholm
Comprehensive Crumb site

Official home of Dealership

Death Cab for Cutie
Concise DCFC page

Elevator Drops
Time Bomb Recording's Destination Panel
People Mover review
Boston Phoenix Elevator Drops review

Sub Pop Fastbacks site
Lance Ito's Fastbacks page
Fastbacks Frenzy

Devil in the Woods' Fiver site


Official Glasstown website

Official Grandaddy home
Grandaddy fan page
Grandaddy Lyrics
A.M.180 Grandaddy page

Guided by Voices
GBV official website
Addicted to Noise GBV feature
Matador Pet Talk with Robert Pollard

I am Spoonbender
Official I Am Spoonbender site
SFWeekly Sender/Receiver review

Imperial Teen
Official home of Imperial Teen
Detroit fan with Imperial Teen photos

Jimmy eat world
Official Jimmy Eat World website
Capitol Records Jimmy Eat World page
JEW EP movie

Kingdom First


Magnolia Thunderfinger
Magnolia Thunderfinger official site

Me First
Me First official site

Murder City Devils
Murder City Devils on Sub Pop
Three Natural Sixes: MCD lyrics, tabs
MCD review by Pandemonium Online
Willamette Week Murder City Devils review

Official Oranger website
Unofficial Oranger Fan Site
Interview by Ink Blot magazine
"Oranger Crush" article in BAM

Push Kings
Double Agent's Push King page
Comprehensive Push Kings website
"Retro Ready" article by Boston Phoenix
Ink 19's review of Far Places

Red Stars Theory

Rocket from the Crypt
Internet Hacienda
Interview with Grind
Addicted to Noise Auckland show review
RetroActive Baggage interview

DIW Rodriguez site

Official band website
Papazan's Sensefield site
34th Street's review of Building

Sixteen Deluxe
Interview by Pandemonium Online
Austin music scene fan site

DIW Snowmen site
Double Play Records' Snowmen site

Trackstar homepage

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