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The Noise Pop 2002 Festival Website
Looking for the scoop on this years fest? Check out the new SF 2002 supersite featuring the 2002 poster artwork by local artist Bill Swanson and web design stylings of our pals at Mission Control Media.

Double CD Compiliation: 10 Years of Noise Pop
Yup. Yet another 10th Anniversary Noise Pop delight. It's called Ten years of Noise Pop, and it's a two CD retrospective compilation commemorating, well, the last ten years of Noise Pop. Lovingly packaged in a tri-fold digipak case, the comp includes bands from the entire book of Noise Pop history, from first-year old timers to the fresh new discoveries of 2002. Within its silvery linings you'll find exclusive, live, unreleased, and/or forthcoming album tracks from the likes of The Flaming Lips, Guided By Voices, The Fastbacks, Neko Case, Preston School of Industry, Overwhelming Colorfast, and Creeper Lagoon, as well as tasty hand-picked selections from Superchunk, Death Cab for Cutie, Beulah, and Spoon. And as always, Noise Pop serves up the best of the SF Bay Area's local offerings, with new exclusive tracks from Track Star, Snowmen, The Court and Spark, Dealership, The Stratford 4, Lunchbox, Jim Yoshii PileUp, and Oranger. It's a two and-a-half-hour stylisticly diverse romp through everything that's good about independent music of the last decade, guaranteed not to disappoint.

Not to mention the fact that a portion of the proceeds from sales of this compilation will go to the Popular Noise Foundation, a nonprofit arts foundation founded in 2000 with the mission to preserve and benefit the local music community of the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit the PNF website for information on events and programs such as the Cover to Cover benefit series, Musician's Space Needs Survey, and an upcoming first-of-its-kind Musician Grants Program for local artists.

Here's the full track listing for your perusement:

Disc One:
THE FASTBACKS - Book of Revelation ** | THE SNOWMEN - Blow That Town * | SPOON - Lines In The Suit | GALAGA - In A Sense * | IMPERIAL TEEN - The Beginning ** | TRACK STAR - Make With The Traps * | THE FOSTER BROOKS - Armageddon Is Sparklers * | THE OVERWHELMING COLORFAST - Blue Fanclub * | CREEPER LAGOON - Garden * | ORANGER - Othersider * | LUNCHBOX - Gravity 'California Remix' * | CARLOS - Quit Your Job | JOHN VANDERSLICE - Me And My 424 * | THE FLAMING LIPS - The Big Ol' Bug... * | PEE Mexico * | THE YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS - Lay You In The Ground * | PURE JOY - Bill Budd * | PEPPERCORN - Running With The Bulls | ACTIONSLACKS - John L. Sullivan ** | FLUF - Shit Talker | SUNLESS DAY - Together | SUPERCHUNK - Florida's on Fire

Disc Two:
GUIDED BY VOICES - Everywhere With Helicopter * | DEALERSHIP - Forest * | BEULAH - Gravity's Bringing Us Down | FIVER - Buildings And Homes | NEKO CASE - Set Out Running | THE STRATFORD 4 - Rebecca 'Edison Victrola Remix' | FOR STARS - Baseball | PRESTON SCHOOL OF INDUSTRY - Save Our Happiness * | CALL AND RESPONSE - Mr. Weatherman | EARLIMART - Susan's Husband's Gunshop * | SELDOM - L.A. | MATES OF STATE - Why You Little... | SUNSET VALLEY - Touch You | JIM YOSHII PILEUP - Sleeping In The Crawlspace * | DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - Champagne From A Paper Cup | THE PATTERN - Mary's Sister | I AM SPOONBENDER - Where Do Words Go? | PINQ - Flipbook * | THE COURT AND SPARK - All Day Long ** | ELECTRO GROUP - Line of Sight * | AARON NUDELMAN - Purple Jelly Jar *

* = prev. unreleased, ** = live

The CD should be in our hands just in time for the shows and will be on sale at all Noise Pop outlets for the special price of $20. You can also pre-order online now at the Noise Pop Shop at, or direct from our pals at Amazing Grease Records, to whom we own many thanks for helping make this all happen in record time.

Tenth Anniversary Commemorative Posters
We've printed up a limited edition run of posters featuring Shepard Fairey's special Noise Pop Tenth Anniversary artwork. It's available now for the low price of $10 (50% off if you buy a badge!) exclusively from our online store, the Noise Pop Shop. You can also stock up on all that Noise Pop merch that you've missed in years past, including past posters and collectible t-shirts (high quality 100% cotton of course!).

Noise Pop * Since 1993
Our Distinguished Alumni Include...

Apples In Stereo ('01,'98), Archers of Loaf ('97), Autechre ('00), Beulah ('01,'00,'99,'98), Blonde Redhead ('01), Bob Mould ('00), Bright Eyes ('01), Carlos! ('01,'00,'99,'98,'97,'96,'95,'94,'93), Cibo Matto ('01), Creeper Lagoon ('01,'99,'98,'97,'96,'95), Death Cab For Cutie ('00,'99), Fastbacks ('01,'00,'99,'98,'97,'96,'95,'94,'93), Flaming Lips ('98), Frank Black ('98), Girls Against Boys ('01), Grandaddy ('00,'99), Guided By Voices ('01,'99), Harvey Danger ('98), Imperial Teen ('98,'99), Jeff Tweedy ('00), Jimmy Eat World ('00,'99), Jimmy Smith ('00), Jim O' Rourke ('00), John Doe ('98), Magnetic Fields ('00), Man or Astro-man? ('00), Modest Mouse ('00,'98), Money Mark ('01), Murder City Devils ('99), Neko Case ('01), Rocket From The Crypt ('99), Sam Prekop ('00), Sleater-Kinney ('00), Spoon ('01,'97), Superchunk ('01), Supersuckers ('96,'94), Television ('01), Unwound ('00), Versus ('00), Wagonchrist ('01), White Stripes ('01), Wire ('00), and Yo La Tengo ('01).

What's up with Noise Pop Chicago?

We've had lots of inquiries about our plans for Chicago this year, and we are sorry to announce that the Noise Pop train will not be stopping in the Windy City in 2002. Fear not, however, the festival will be back in full force in 2003.

But why, you ask? It boils down to this: Though we rely on tons of help from many people to make the magic happen, at its core Noise Pop has a very small staff. And we have day jobs, too. With all that's going into this year's 10th anniversary Noise Pop SF, and all that's going on in our personal lives (we won't bore you with the details but rest assured it's some pretty exciting stuff), we just don't think that we'll have the time and energy to do Noise Pop Chicago justice this time around.

So, thanks for all the e-mails of anticipation, support, and kind words about the next installment of NP Chicago, we truly appreciate it. And please don't be too sad! Try to think of it like Michael Jordan's year off to play baseball, it's just a short break and then we'll be back bigger and better. And don't worry, we'll never abandon Chicago for Washington, DC.

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