OPINION: Matt Berninger Holds His Hands A Lot

Listen, I play The National’s music a lot. I’ve seen them live a handful of times. Remember their iconic set at Treasure Island Music Festival in 2015? I don’t. I never actually got to attend the Treasure Island while it was still on the island, but I heard it was life changing.

DSC05044The National Misha Vladimirskiy 10.18.15.JPG

It was pointed out to me recently that Matt Berninger hold his hands a lot—specifically the left hand. You know how people have go to poses? This seems to be his. It’s a little more unique than turning your face to the same side for every picture though. Do you think he’s signaling something? We’re not prone to conspiracy theories usually, but this is little too distinct to ignore. Take a peek below and tell me this isn’t eerie:

  • Screenshot 2018-07-31 14.50.43.jpg
  • Screenshot 2018-07-31 14.48.43.jpg
  • Screenshot 2018-07-31 14.49.01.jpg
  • Screenshot 2018-07-31 14.49.11.jpg
  • Screenshot 2018-07-31 14.50.22.jpg
  • Screenshot 2018-07-31 14.50.52.jpg
  • Screenshot 2018-07-31 14.51.09.jpg
  • Screenshot 2018-07-31 14.51.19.jpg
  • Screenshot 2018-07-31 14.53.17.jpg
  • Screenshot 2018-07-31 14.54.12.jpg
  • unspecified.jpg

Who knows what other weird things the artists playing Treasure Island this year are doing? Is Santigold hiding something under her bangs? Does Diplo scratch off the “U” from his kids Duplo blocks to make them think it’s named after him? Probably not, but who are we to not hypothesize.