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Hey all! While we're quarantining at home, we decided to kick off a new blog series: "The Noise Pops Off at Home."

With this challenge, the Noise Pop fam will be sharing our social distancing soundtracks, from the calm and soothing to the loud and cathartic. Now more than ever is the time to spread the word about bands and artists, so we hope you discover something new with us!

The Districts

Hometown: Philly

Genre: Jagged indie rock

For Fans Of: The Killers / The Orwells / Dr. Dog

Links: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

"Their fourth album just dropped last Friday, right as they were embarking on a US / Euro tour which was just cancelled. The album title 'You Know I'm Not Going Anywhere' feels like an appropriate sentiment right now. The single "Cheap Regrets" is a great place to start -- from it's "Everything in its Right Place"-esque intro that builds all the way up to its rapid-fire climactic ending. They're also incredible live." – Brett, Business Development