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Treasure Island Music Festival—From The People that Make It Happen

This year’s Treasure Island Music Festival was Noise Pop’s 11th year teaming up with Another Planet Entertainment to put a weekend of music on in the Bay.

We decided to give you the scoop on what it’s like to be on the inside, or should I say, backstage.


What’s the main difference between attending TIMF and working it?

Responsibility. -Nico, Production

Not understanding how much dang work actually goes into a festival! -Niki, Noise Pop Talent Buying

Instead of discovering new music as your day goes on like a regular attendee, you are researching each and every artist to the T before Day 1. Makes it even more magical as you see the artists you’ve been studying countlessly over performing live. -Jacqui, Social Community

What is something that most festival goers don’t necessary realize goes into making a festival happen?

No matter how much event experience you have or how much you prepare you will inevitably still feel like everything is only just barely coming together. -Dawson, General Manager

Permits, red tape, red tape, red tape. Millions of moving parts. -Julie, Production

Everything is designed by us, so typos are bound to happen. I thankfully didn’t see any, but please don’t tell me if you did. -Nina, Marketing

A lot of hard work can happen by a small group of people. In fact, it’s better this way. Don’t have too many cooks in the kitchen. -Jacqui, Social Community


Favorite moments from TIMF?

The bassist of Shame doing a backflip on stage, landing on his back, standing back up and then flipping his bass behind him… and throughout it all he didn’t miss a note. -Dawson, General Manager

Jungle. Just Jungle. All Jungle. -Nico, Production

Sitting down on the City Stage watching Cigarettes After Sex as the sun sets over the San Francisco skyline. -Connor, Production

Dancing (very badly) to “The Less I Know The Better” during Tame Impala’s set! -Niki, Noise Pop Talent Buying

Stomper -Julie, Production

The pit during Shame. Then proceedingly being told by my colleagues that they have never seen this side to me before that set. Shame. Shame. Shame. -James, Noise Pop Talent Buying

The sunset both days. You really can’t beat that skyline with the sun sinking in the back during Aminé and Cigarettes After Sex. -Nina, Marketing

Honestly so much… but by far the stillness and tranquility of serpentwithfeet’s audience on a Sunday morning and meeting Dance Cam Mom IRL. I’m so happy she was on board to be apart of our festival and the attendees absolutely loved her. -Jacqui, Social Community


Most underrated part of TIMF?

The beach access was the most undiscovered part of the festival -Dawson, General Manager

Roaming performers! And I only say that because you can easily miss what’s going on if you are not in the right place at the right time. They tie the stages, atmosphere, and magic altogether. -Lamont, Marketing

JPEGMafia going off at 1:00 PM on Saturday, as well as crowd’s polarized reactions throughout his set. JPEGMafia is the future. -James, Noise Pop Talent Buying

Moses Sumney’s high notes and I hope everyone noticed. But if not, his range was the most underrated part of the fest. -Jacqui, Social Community

Sitting near the water and just soaking up the sun with some perfect music in the background. -Nina, Marketing

Thank you to everyone who came! We can't wait to see all of you again next year.