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Our founder Kevin Arnold reflects on the passing of two incredibly important people to the local scene, Alex Laipenieks and Matt Harris.

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In no particular order, check out the Noise Pop staff's 75 favorite albums of 2020 via our Spotify Playlist.

Full List (in alphabetical order):

21 Savage - SAVAGE MODE II

Adrianne Lenker - songs

Aminé -...

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British electronic artist Four Tet is what we're poppin off at home this week.

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This week, Montreal artist Helena Deland pops off at our homes!

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Daði & Gagnamagnið is our featured artist for this week's The Noise Pops Off At Home.

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This week's edition of The Noise Pops Off at Home features Michael Nau!

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With The Noise Pops Off at Home, the Noise Pop fam will be sharing our social distancing soundtracks, from the calm and soothing to the loud and cathartic. Now more than ever is the time to spread the word about bands and artists, so we hope you discover something new with us! Today we're giving a shout-out to Michigan's Greet Death.

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Hey all! While we're quarantining at home, we decided to kick off a new blog series: "The Noise Pops Off at Home."

With this challenge, the Noise Pop fam will be sharing our social distancing soundtracks, from the calm and soothing to the loud and cathartic. Now more than ever is the time to spread the word about bands and artists, so we hope you discover something new with us!

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This year’s Treasure Island Music Festival was Noise Pop’s 11th year teaming up with Another Planet Entertainment to put a weekend of music on in the Bay.

We decided to give you the scoop on what it’s like to be on the inside, or should I say, backstage.


A few weeks ago we got to see Built to Spill under the trees in Sonoma. In case you couldn't make it, or just want to relive the night, we've got you.

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Thank you all for coming out to our 6th annual 20th Street Block Party! There was good tunes, food, and perfect weather. Check out some photos of our favorite day of summer below. See you next year!


Listen, I play The National’s music a lot. I’ve seen them live a handful of times. Remember their iconic set at Treasure Island Music Festival in 2015? I don’t. I never actually got to attend the Treasure Island while it was still on the island, but I heard it was life changing.


From fronting the psychedelic latin soul band Chicano Batman for the last decade, to starting his own record label Yemayá Sol Records last year, Bardo Martinez is a force to be reckoned with. Now he is ready to share more of himself as a singer, producer, and composer than ever before.

Along with still being a core part of Chicano Batman, who are currently recording an album and will be performing at Outside Lands later this month, Martinez is also working on releasing his own solo music.

“Essentially I am the frontman in a different way than I am in Chicano Batman… With my own...


Sometimes the best stories are told with no words. This is the case for math rock San Jose band Covet, who replaces choruses with catchy, winding guitar melodies, pulsing basslines, and atypical rhythms, omitting words completely from their repertoire. Covet —which originally started as frontwoman Yvette Young’s collection of songs manifesting themselves— is made up of Yvette, bassist David Adamiak, and drummer Forrest Rice.

Last week Covet tested their luck by releasing their debut album, effloresce, on Friday the 13th. Based on the track list, it seems luck is on their side. The...


The words ‘serpentwithfeet’ and ‘boring’ will never be used in the same sentence. From his carefully curated wardrobe to his daring and eclectic looks, interests and personality, the words ‘serpentwithfeet’ and ‘slay’ are uncanny twins that will never stray from each other. So we know a lot about him, but do you? Here are some quick hits to get you just as buzzed about him as we are.


Combining emotional turmoil, hip hop cadence and soft melodies doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s absolutely synergistic for Los Angeles singer-songwriter Yeek. The 26-year-old’s newest Blackheart EP swings an emotional pendulum between not giving a fuck, and giving too many while mixing synths, brooding vocals and pumping beats.

The 5-song EP kicks off with a wavy, head-bobbing track titled “Love & Fame.” Here, Yeek weaves a funky bass and drum combo into a catchy, yet candid, chorus about growing tired of waiting on love and recognition.

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Liz Phair is back in our hearts once again for the 25th Anniversary of Exile From Guyville and she's playing to a sold-out crowd at Swedish American Hall on Friday, June 1st.

So what makes Liz Phair so special? Well, follow me.