Best of the Bay 2018

Before we recap our top albums of the year from all over the map, it’s time to stay true to our roots and spread the wealth of the Bay-Area artists that made 2018 memorable. We’re hooked on Tune-Yards’ eclectic patchwork of vocal loops with a piercing message. The easygoing, hypnotic croons and jangly guitars of Spooky Mansion have us feeling nostalgic for that Indian Summer unique to SF. Then there’s the late-blooming self-discovery mixed with jazzy, ethereal rhythm in the latest from astronauts, etc. We’ve also sprinkled in some of that new-new Rexx Life Raj featuring E40. Plus more we know you’ll really dig, no matter where you are.

Track List

ODIE - “Noise”
Zola - “Blood/Sugar”
Same Girls - “Inner Space”
Tune-Yards - “Colonizer”
astronauts, etc. - “Visitor”
Meernaa - “Good Luck”
Rexx Life Raj feat. E40 - “Sprinkle Me”
Spooky Mansion - “Alright”

Other tracks in episode:

Baio - “Endless Rhythm” (Noise Pop Podcast Theme Song)
ODIE - “Phonomenon”
Zola - “Tamper”
Same Girls - “Sailing”
Tune-Yards - “Wait for a Minute”
astronauts, etc. - “Up For Grabs”
Meernaa - “Constant Love”
Rexx Life Raj - “2 Free”
Spooky Mansion - “Torture”
John Vanderslice - “Song for the Landlords of Tiny Telephone” (under intro)