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My Mix w/ Helado Negro

Helado Negro's Roberto Carlos Lange joins the Noise Pop Podcast to share and talk about through some of the music that has inspired him along the creative process of our favorite album of 2019, 'This Is How You Smile.' His 6th full-length LP is a bilingual journey into Lange's ever-evolving thoughts on the Latinx experience in America. His most approachable work to date, 'This Is How You Smile' is a tropicalia-tinged experimental pop album that shows that no matter what the shade of our skin is, we all ride the same emotional waves through this world.

Helado Negro My Mix Track List

Luiza Brina e o Liquidificador - "Costi"
Luiz Bonfá - Enchanted Mirror
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Sunset Village
Frank Harris & Maria Marquez - "Loveroom"
Helado Negro - "Sabana de Luz" (Live at KCRW)

Other Songs Heard In Episode

Baio - "Endless Rhtyhm" (Noise Pop Podcast Theme Song)
Helado Negro - "November 7"
Helado Negro - "Running"
Helado Negro - "Come Be Me"
Helado Negro - "Las Preguntas"