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My Mix w/ Monster Rally

Monster Rally’s music is an escapist trip through exotica, hip-hop and dollar bin record samples, that feels like taking a trip to paradise without leaving your chair. And for the first My Mix episode in two years (!!!) Monster Rally's Ted Feighan comes on the Noise Pop Podcast to share a mix of songs that have inspired his music. Monster Rally Listen in as Feighan and host Adrian Spinelli listen to and discuss the finer points of Martin Denny, Madvillain, George Harrison and more.

Track List

Martin Denny - "Sake Rock"
Madvillain - "Meatgrinder"
Fela Kuti - "Expensive Shit"
George Harrison - "All Things Must Pass"
Steely Dan - "Black Cow"
Monster Rally - "Sister Owls"

Other Tracks Heard in Episode

Baio - "Endless Rhtyhm" (Noise Pop Podcast Theme Song)
Monster Rally - "Shell Snake"