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New Albums For 2019

Ahhh.. 2019 is here, which means it’s time for a fresh start, new experiences, and of course, looking ahead to a busy year of much-anticipated music. To kick things off, Berkeley-based Toro y Moi turn over a new leaf, breaking away from their pioneering hazy chillwave sound to lift our spirits with Outer Peace’s revitalized dance-driven jams. Sir Babygirl’s debut, Crush on Me, drowns us in a chaotic, cotton-candy infused Nickelodeon pop dream as she wails about euphoric infatuation and aching heartbreak (fittingly, it’ll be released the day after Valentine’s Day.) And DC’s Priests are back with the sinister, alluring prowl of The Seduction of Kansas that will surely leave you craving for more. Let’s dig in.

Track List

Toro y Moi - “Who Am I" from Outer Peace
Nicola Cruz - “Criançada” from Siku
Jessica Pratt - “Aeroplane” from Quiet Signs
Sir Babygirl - “Heels” from Crush On Me
Adia Victoria - “Different Kind of Love” from Silences
Priests - “The Seduction of Kansas” from from The Seduction of Kansas

Other tracks in episode:

Baio - “Endless Rhythm” (Noise Pop Podcast Theme Song)
Toro y Moi - “Talamak”
Nicola Cruz - “Puente Roto”
Jessica Pratt - “This Time Around”
Baths - Clarence Difference
Sir Babygirl - “Flirting With Her”
Adia Victoria - “Sea of Sand”
Priests - “Nothing Feels Natural”
Doe Eye - “opening”