Noisemakers June

We're back with an extra large Noisemakers episode for June! Since it's been a few months since our last mix, we've got eight new tracks to share + some extras. Dig in for new indie discoveries, Chicago hip-hop, an exciting multi-instrumentalist, vibey electronica and some Bay Area love!

Noisemakers Track List

Jazzanova - “Rain Makes the River”
Hana Vu - “Shallow”
Astronauts, etc - “The Border"
Ric Wilson - “Split"
Meernaa - “Wildest Eyes"
Juliana Daugherty - “Baby Teeth"
Masego - “Lady Lady"
DJ Koze - “Pick Up"

Other Music Heard in Episode

Baio - “Endless Rhythm” (Noise Pop Podcast Theme Song)
Kiefer - "What A Day" (under intro tracking)
Jazzanova - “No. 9” (under tracking)
Lani Hall - “Love Song (Jazzanova remix)” (under tracking)
Hana Vu - “Cool” (under tracking)
Astronauts, etc. - “The Room” (under tracking)
Ric Wilson - “Don’t Rush” (under tracking)
Meernaa - “Now I Know” (under tracking)
Juliana Daugherty - “Player” (under tracking)
Masego - “Navajo” (under tracking)
DJ Koze - “Club der Ewigkeiten” (under tracking)

Links Mentioned in Episode