Noisemakers October

Getting a late year Noisemakers Mix out there before our year end episode in December! October's picks jump from LA-based IAN SWEET's indie rock to French hip-hop from MHD, the sounds of Bay Area troubadour Andrew St. James, electronic vibes from Yaeji and Beacon, our late year discovery of Caroline Rose and the dreamy sounds of The Marías.

Track List

IAN SWEET - “Hiding”
Beacon - “On Ice”
Caroline Rose - “Jeannie Becomes A Mom”
MHD - “Rouler”
The Marías - “ABQ”
Andrew St. James - “Life Inside The Mess You Made”
Yaeji - “One More”

Other tracks in episode:

IAN SWEET - “Borrowed Body”
Beacon - “Be My Organ”
Caroline Rose - “More of The Same”
MHD - “Bella”
The Marías - “Loverboy”
Andrew St. James - “Chevy Vega"
Charli XCX - "Focus" (Yaeji remix)