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Reflections: Wye Oak

On the first edition of "Reflections," Wye Oak's Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack join the Noise Pop Podcast to take us through some of the songs and stories that have marked their six albums and nearly 15 year career as a band.

Wye Oak's Reflections Track List

Wye Oak - "For Prayer" (From The Knot, 2009)
Wye Oak - "Civilian" (From Civilian, 2011)
Wye Oak - "Logic of Color" (From Shriek, 2014)
Wye Oak - "It Was Not Natural" (From The Louder I Call The Faster It Runs, 2018)
Wye Oak - "Walk Soft" (2020)
Wye Oak feat. Brooklyn Youth Chorus - "AEIOU" (From No Horizon, 2020)

Other Songs Heard in Episode

Baio - "Endless Rhythm" (Noise Pop Podcast Theme Song)
Wye Oak - "Shriek"
Wye Oak - "Two Small Deaths"


  • Host/Producer: Adrian Spinelli
  • Mixing/Engineering: Veronica Simonetti
  • Executive Producer: Kevin Arnold
  • Marketing/Blog: Adrienne Lee
  • Photo for Graphic: Kendall Atwater
  • Special Thanks: Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack of Wye Oak and Mike Caulo at Merge Records